Admissions and Tuition

Our school has begun accepting applications and registering students for the 2017-2018 school year!  We are very excited to fill our new class and to help them reach their highest educational goals.  This past year year more international students made it into 4 year universities than ever.  Many even were rewarded with scholarships from the universities due to their hard work over their time here!

Even with all of these high academic achievements, we still boast some of the lowest tuitions in for a private school in Southern California.  We do this because our school is a ministry to students around the world and was not created for financial gain.  May God guide you as you make your decision as to the best school for your student today!


$750.00 – Registration+Book Fees + Yearbook + Field Trips

$800.00 – Registration for 8th/12th Graders INCLUDES Cap & Gown Fee + Books + Yearbook + Field Trips

* Payment is non-refundable for any reason


$7700.00 (if paying the year in full)

$8200.00 (if paying in two installments, one in September with registration, and the other by February 1st)

* Tuition is non-refundable for any reason


International Student [I-20] Instructions & Application (Download Here)

–  This application is for students looking for an F1 Student Visa or Change of Status from another type of visa

2017-2019 ADCS Application/Registration Form (Download Here)

–  This application is for ALL STUDENTS both international/domestic

–  Please note that it is a 2 year contract (1 year contracts are available upon special request only)


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